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A site about Salvador Dalí, about the Dalai Lama,
about LLamas, and about me,
Denis Larsen; also including adventure, romance and laughter and anything else that strikes me today.
If you have no problems, this site is probably not for you. Dysfunctional folks are welcome. Animal lovers are welcome (snicker, snicker). If you are seeking enlightenment, you are welcome. If you're bored or lonely, welcome. If you were always the last one picked to be on a baseball team and still can't stand the game, welcome.
If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/other/whatever just broke up, perhaps you can find solace here. Welcome.

Check out what Denis is up to at his blog.
Denis writes about the Yucatan, about Maya culture (past and present), about Valladolid, about aNeed2Heal Bodywork Centers and about Casa Hamaca Bed and Breakfast
Plus his blog has a link to a fun experience with dynamite on YouTube.

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Smile of the Day
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Weather Forecast
(He should know if anybody does...but if this doesn't work out, we'll get the Pope to do the forecast)
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BBC: On Creativity and Schizophrenia
salvador dali llama - amusement based solely on…
Monty Python's Daily Llama (Issue 1)
Monty Python's Daily Llama (No. 001)
Dali's Llama Records - One of the Independent...

Art news
Some Thoughts
of the Dalai Lama

A Good Karma Mantra..
but you don't really have to forward it to 10 other people...

Digitizing The Dalai Lama

the Dalai Lama
visits the Pope.
Find out if they were
talking about who was going to do the weather report for this page?

What happens when
the Dalai Lama dies?

Almost 50,000 low-caste Hindus convert to Buddism in a mass cermoney.

Tibet news
What do you say to a LLama when you first meet her (or him)?
This also works as a great pickup line.
¿Cómo se LLama?

Dateline: Lima, Peru
Note: This pickup line really works! Click here for exclusive photo (never before published anywhere) of Denis and the female he picked up using this line. Just look at the desire in her eyes. All from that first greeting! Use your back button to return here.

When I came across the LLama stud services, I started thinking about safe sex for LLamas. We can probably just drop that thought right there and not run with it.

Goofy LLama Song

LLamas to be first line of defense in event of biological attack. LLama draft rumored to be under consideration by high adminstration officials. Alpacas would be exempt.

If you are treking, traveling or just tripping, check out this video before packing...

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